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Crème RC (Bus Compressor and Mastering Equalizer)





End your inner struggle between analog and digital


Our Creme has become a modern classic by now – VCA compression in uncompromising sound quality packed together with signal processing on the highest level thanks to the passive Pultec-style EQ. This is the combination you’re looking for in order to give your mix or master that final touch of brilliance you’re looking for.


With the Creme RC we’ve taken this concept to the next level and we went deeper into the realm of combining the worlds of analog sound and digital control into the perfect symbiosis. Thanks to motorized potentiometers you will save valuable time and no longer have to deal with the nuisance of recall sheets if you want to tweak something in a session. Just open your project and the included Creme RC plug-in will automatically set all controls to the right position. You want to automate single parameters in your arrangement? No problem with the Creme RC.


Many successful mixing engineers have one thing in common: They’re using our Creme!



Even when mixing, the Creme RC shows you how the your final master will sound like with its gentle high and low boost and a few dBs of compression. That way you will easily find the right balance between your sounds, especially vocals. Equalizer and compressor can be switched for full and flexible control over your sound processing.



Effect of the low-cut filter in side chains on compression





Do you want to softly and inaudibly balance the track or rather give it a particular rhythmic signature? The Creme RCs VCA compressor can perform exactly how you want.


Its characteristic and powerful sound can bring every mix to the next level. The compressor can work really hard, giving your mix a more noticeable, open and brilliant sound.


The compression is very harmonic in nature, the sound always remains transparent, and the individual instruments find their place sitting smoothly in the mix. The often lamentable loss of high notes when compressing simply doesn’t happen here – the signal rather sounds like it already went through an exciter.


The low range becomes tighter and sounds like a homogenous, uniform whole. The low mids are getting a fuller sound without becoming muddy and the entire midrange becomes more articulate and cleaner. The spatial representation also gains air and precision.


The switchable high-pass filter in the side chain ensures that, when required, even heavy bass sounds don’t lead to pumping.


The switchable side-chain high-pass filter ensures that even heavier bass doesn't cause pumping. In addition to the classic 60Hz and 120Hz filters, there is now an additional 200Hz filter in the side chain.


Cream Mode


The Creme RCs compressor is putting another cherry on the cake. For even tighter bass and crisper highs we used our experience from the Schwerkraftmaschine and designed the Cream mode together with a selection of Berlin artists.


Additionally to the classic Auto mode you now have an alternative to the intelligent automatic release. The Cream mode reacts a little faster and more aggressively and is therefore perfectly tailored to the requirements of modern music styles. Push your sound to the next stage and make it pop!


Low-shelf filter frequency response



Frequenzgang des High-Shelf-FiltersHigh-shelf filter frequency response




Passive equalizers with their elaborate circuits with coils and capacitors are still among the most popular sound makers in master compression.


We chose the filter circuitry from the original Pultec for good reason as it already made our Classic Equalizer a high-performance sound machine. We took the filter circuitry of the original Pultec and carefully updated it. Unnecessary controls have been replaced by fixed values. Similarly, unnecessary frequencies have been removed from the mix bus..


No other type of EQ manages to sound as good in almost any setting. Soft and silky highs that deserve the name. A bass boost that gives the mix a solid foundation and pushes it forward, without squashing everything into an indistinct mess.


All controls on the Creme RC have been replaced with motorized potentiometers for full digital recall. For even more setting options, the intermediate steps of the selectable frequencies have been greatly increased in the Crème RC.


The result is an EQ you really have to hear. Hear it once and you’ll miss its absence forever. If you’ve never heard it it’s the EQ that you’ve always been looking for.







  • Stereo device
  • EQ switchable before and after the compressor
  • Lowcut filter in side chain



  • Passive EQ (Pultec style)
  • Bass boost frequencies: 20-200 Hz
  • Bass boost level: 0-5 dB switchable
  • High boost frequencies: 10-24 kHz
  • High boost level: 0-5 dB switchable



  • Lowcut filter: 60-120 Hz
  • Attack: 0,1-30 ms
  • Release: 100ms-1,2s-Auto
  • Ratio: 1,5-10
  • Motorized potentiometers
  • Freqency responce: 20 - 40.000 Hz +/- 1,5 dB
  • Balanced inputs and outputs
  • Internal power supply with toroidal transformer
  • Height: 88,4 mm (2U), width: 483 mm, depth: 250 mm













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전화번호 : 02-6358-1004

카카오톡 : ableton

이메일 : ableton@naver.com

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Tegeler Audio Creme RC 테겔러 버스 컴프레서 / 마스터링 EQ

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